Feb 2, 2021 | Press Releases

Press Releases | February 2, 2021

$80 Billion+ U.S. Spectrum Auction Highlights Ongoing Need to Maximize Value of All Mobile Networks; Cohere’s Spectrum Multiplier First Available for Telco Cloud by End of 2021

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – February 2, 2021

Cohere Technologies, innovator of massive MIMO scheduler and Delay-Doppler channel software for mobile and enterprise networks, today announced the Spectrum Multiplier, a software platform that improves the strength and efficiency of any generation (“any G”) mobile network. Leveraging its years of experience in advanced networking hardware development, the company’s 3GPP standard-compliant and scalable software addresses the astronomical cost of acquiring new spectrum by enabling mobile network operators (MNOs) to improve the capacity, and increase the value, of all networks.

Cohere’s Spectrum Multiplier platform for the Radio Access Network (RAN) and Telco Cloud delivers on the promise of 5G by extending a mobile network’s spectral efficiency by as much as 2x, meaning a 5G user experience can be quickly and easily provided to end-users on all networks. The software will be available for the Telco Cloud by the end of 2021.

The recent U.S. auction outcome totaling more than $80 billion underscores the value of licensed spectrum as an enabler to provide reliable mobile services,” said Ray Dolan, chairman and CEO of Cohere Technologies. “Cohere’s platform creates ‘spectrum leverage’ by using our patented Delay Doppler approach to empower our customers to double the capacity of their networks.”

Cohere’s Spectrum Multiplier software can be integrated by network equipment suppliers in the RAN or as an xApp in the Telco Cloud. Cohere’s platform has been engineered to overcome the challenges that exist in conventional methods, including: reference signal contamination (intercell interference); channel state information aging; stability under mobility and other channel dynamics; higher number of layers per antenna configuration; computational complexity; and the requirement for explicit device feedback.

Cohere’s transformation from a wireless system supplier to a software company has been made possible because of our unique innovations and patents, and the strength of our engineering team,” added Shlomo Rakib, CTO and co-founder of Cohere Technologies.

Spectrum and Capacity Multiplier Effect with No Changes to Devices, Radios or Antennas

The capabilities of Cohere’s Spectrum Multiplier have been demonstrated and verified via numerous licensed spectrum network tests and scalability simulations with leading mobile network operators. Cohere first showcased its advantages in Feb. 2020 at Deutsche Telekom’s Headquarters in Bonn (Germany), as part of a public O-RAN showcase. The demonstration consisted of mobile devices connected to a standard 4 transmit and 4 receive (4T4R) dual polarized antenna and commercial radio. Cohere showed a 2x spectrum and capacity multiplier effect for 4G devices connected to the commercial spectrum, with no changes to the devices, radios or antennas. Since then, Cohere has evolved its software to provide the same benefits for 5G.

“Cohere’s approach to Delay-Doppler channel representation is a unique breakthrough in wireless technology,” said Dr. Andrea Goldsmith, Dean of Engineering at Princeton University and Chair of Cohere’s Technical Advisory Board. “This accurate dynamic channel representation over time and space enables predictive spatially-multiplexed cloud-based scheduling, which significantly increases data rates and reliability of wireless networks. Moreover, this sophisticated channel prediction has many other performance benefits at both the physical and network layers that is applicable to both current and future generations of cellular systems.”

Cohere’s Spectrum Multiplier platform can be integrated within the Radio Access Network (RAN) Distributed Unit (DU), the Central Unit (CU), or as an xApp in the RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) within a telco cloud or O-RAN, without any changes to handsets, radios or antennas. Cohere is the first company to solve the issue of channel state information aging and overcome the latency challenges of moving critical intelligence from the RAN to cloud. The software works in any band, with any waveform, on any silicon platform.

About Cohere Technologies

Cohere is the innovator of massive MIMO scheduler and Delay-Doppler channel software for mobile and enterprise networks, and the developer of the Orthogonal Time Frequency Space (OTFS) 6G wireless system. Winner of the GSMA’s 2020 Global Mobile Award for “Best Network Software Breakthrough,” Cohere is a member of the Next G Alliance, the O-RAN Alliance, the Open RAN Policy Coalition, the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) and the National Spectrum Consortium (NSC). Cohere is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. For more information, please visit: and follow us on Twitter: @Cohere_4G_5G.

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